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An Update from KPM Analytics North America on COVID-19

Dear KPM Analytics North America Customers,                                                                           

KPMNA is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our customers and our employees as well as being a responsible and contributing member of our community. As the impact of COVID-19 grows in North America, we wanted to update you with the steps we are taking help protect against the spread of the virus while at the same time supporting our customers, reinforcing our readiness to serve and protecting our employees.

Supporting Our Customers
Our instruments are used in essential food, clinical, environmental and other industries critical to public health and safety as well as economic and national security.  We have received multiple letters from our customers which recognize our company and all of our employees as WORKERS ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE DURING COVID-19 RESPONSE by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As part of this critical infrastructure, we will keep our AMS, Chopin, Process Sensors, Sightline and Unity facilities open until further notice. We are working with our facility managers to support critical operations including production, ordering and shipping while maintaining the lowest risk possible. Our customer support, repair, technical and applications teams will be available to address any troubleshooting or application issues remotely if necessary.

Ensuring Our Readiness Going Forward
KPMNA’s supply chain is strong, and we are taking steps to inform our suppliers of our essential role in maintaining critical infrastructure to serve our customers and community. We are closely monitoring logistics to ensure our product and parts supply in North America is secure so that we can support our customers and provide essential equipment and parts going forward.

Protecting Our Employees
As this crisis has evolved, we have continuously updated our employees and made important policy changes to keep them safe including remote working arrangements, information regarding hygiene and personal protection strategies, and leveraging technologies to hold meetings and maintain communications. We will monitor guidance from health authorities and adjust our practices to minimize the risk to our employees and slow the spread of the virus while maintaining our ability to serve our customers. 

We appreciate the trust that you place in KPMNA, and we are mindful of the role we play in maintaining critical infrastructure. As the situation warrants, we will be sending updates to our partners as we strive to maintain the reliable support and service you expect from our companies.    


Ron Geis
KPM Analytics North America