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Analytical Solutions in the Grain, Milling and Baking Industries

KPM Analytics was formed in 2015 with a goal of bringing together a portfolio of analytical instrument companies focused in the food, agriculture, and environmental sectors.  Through our united approach, customers big and small are better served with a broader, more robust offering of scientific instrumentation supported by a global sales and service network of distributors to give you confidence that your product quality and safety standards are being met.

As of 2019, we stand at 6 premium brands. It is very exciting to be part of this growth, and to see how our synergistic approach can provide a complete range of analytical solutions to an entire industry. One industry where we have deep expertise and technical knowledge is the grain, milling and baking industry.

The grain, milling and baking industry provides a major portion of the world's agricultural output and is a large component of the global diet. KPM solutions help ensure the quality, safety and consistency of these products from plant breeding efforts to improve nutrition to quality control of the final consumer food products.  

On-line analyzers from Process Sensors have many applications during this production chain including incoming wheat measurements and applications during the mixing, baking/frying and final product qc processes. 

From developing the latest varieties of wheat to analyzing the seasonings of your latest snack chip, KPM Analytics has an analytical solution and technical experts to help you produce your products consistently and at peak efficiency to maximze your profits.  Please click on the link below to see the entire range of KPM Analytics solutions for the grain, milling and baking industries.  

KPM Grain, Milling and Baking Solutions

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