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Moisture in Finished Tobacco

Controlling the amount of moisture in tobacco is often a critical consideration. Too little or too much moisture can have an impact on tobacco quality and production speed. By installing the MCT460-T smart sensor in the processing area, a manufacturer can continuously monitor the moisture content and either manually or automatically implement control decisions.  


The moisture transmitter should be located over a full conveyor prior to the making area. The transmitter should be mounted about 8 inches from the tobacco bed and perpendicular to the moving conveyor. The most important factor in the transmitter’s installation is that there are no gaps or interruptions in the product flow. It is not unusual that two transmitters be used on a single conveyor in order to get a better representation of the moving tobacco that needs to be measured prior to release. 


Measurement Performance  

Moisture in finished tobacco is a very well understood and documented application. Measurement wavelengths, algorithms, sensor optical requirements and calibrations are all factory pre-set. Typical accuracy is about ± 0.2 moisture. Different blends may require slightly different offsets, especially if the lab method of comparison is an OV determination. Typical analog output range is 8-18% moisture. The transmitter output is easily adjusted to the measurement range and PLC or recording requirements.  

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