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Best Practices for Using Near Infrared for Snack Quality: A SNAXPO Presentation

SNAXPO20 was unfortunately canceled this year due to the unforeseen viral circumstances and the consequent travel restrictions; but we and fellow KPM Analytics company Unity Scientific® are still excited to share more information on our near infrared solutions for the snack food industry. While we can’t join other experts in the field at the physical show to discuss market trends, explore new innovations and connect with industry leaders, we ARE able to showcase how WE are included as one of those industry leaders! 

At last year's SNAXPO expo, SNAC—the international trade group in which we are a member—invited our Project Manager Greg Brown to speak on Best Practices for Using Near Infrared for Snack Quality. It was a proud moment for us to be able to share our prowess on the topic.  

Perhaps you weren't able to make it to the discussion last year, or you want more information but unfortunately can’t get it at our physical booth at SNAXPO this year. No worries—we've got Greg's slide show from his 2019 presentation right here!  

We may not have an in-person Q&A session, but we do have a contact form below where you can feel free to submit your information and an expert like Greg will get back to you to discuss your application inquiry.