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Airports Hope to Renew Confidence in Air Travel by Deploying Temperature Inspection Systems

As countries begin the process of opening their borders, apprehensive citizens are adapting to a “new normal,” with procedures such as masks and social distancing to keep them safe. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has reduced air travel by as much as 95% in the U.S., and airport officials are hoping new screening technologies will give passengers renewed confidence to fly again.

Airports in Bulgaria and Italy, as well as Australia’s Canberra Airport, are successfully utilizing thermal imaging camera systems such as the PSC 400FCS Body Temperature Inspection System from Process Sensors. These systems can gauge the temperatures of multiple passengers as they walk towards the camera at a distance of 10 to 20 feet away.

The advantage of a Temperature Inspection System such as this is that human screeners don't have to touch or stand near passengers. Instead, screeners can monitor a television screen from a distance. The screen shows the thermal images of passengers and their temperatures. The infrared system is accurate and will not lengthen the already arduous security screening process.

The unique automatic thermal facial recognition feature creates a boxlike border around the head of a person and auto tags their associated temperature. The software then discreetly singles out individuals whose skin temperatures exceed a pre-determined value set by the user or operator. The visual alarm gives monitoring operators the capability to identify these travelers.

Although some of us may refrain from travel, for now, many of us will likely be back at an airport soon. We are hopeful that our thermal imaging technologies will help with our recovery as a society. Before traveling, evaluate your situation and please stay safe.

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