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Guardian Web Profiling System

Complete web profiling for all converting processes

Accurate moisture, coat weight and film thickness profiles for process control in converting applications



Rapid, continuous product analysis is critical for all paper, film and converting processes. To maintain consistent quality, improve efficiency and minimize cost, the new Guardian Web Profiling System from Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) is designed specifically for the challenging conditions found in the paper and converting process. The Guardian supports process optimization by accurately measuring moisture and coating thickness, providing a complete zoned web profile. Reduce start-up times and waste by visually identifying production inefficiencies using the PSC proprietary software. Full return on investment is typically realized in just a matter of months.

Reduce waste, improve quality and maintain consistent web profile

Guardian systems are accurate, fast, reliable & low maintenance. They provide a non-contact, non-destructive on-line measurement and are unaffected by relative humidity, changes in product temperature, ambient light and temperature. Guardian Near Infrared (NIR) Systems have many other benefits and advantages:

  • Minimize edge curl and lay flat issues
  • Easily connect to closed loop control systems or local alarms
  • Decrease manual start-up times by up to 20% by eliminating the need for time consuming lab testing and adjustments
  • Unlike X-ray systems, NIR technology does not present an employee health hazard
  • Easy calibration, operation & standardization
  • Quick return on investment

Reliable performance for converting applications

Moisture and coat weight measurements can be made on many substrates including paper, film, foil, textiles, release liners, tags, tapes and labels. The Guardian Web Profiling System is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Hot Melt & Film Thickness
  • Wet End Water Based Coat Weight
  • Dry End Organic Coat Weight
  • Exit and Inlet Dryer Moisture
  • Re-Moisturizers (LAS, Steam Curtains and Water Decks)

Choose your Guardian - Elite and Essential

All Guardian systems include an industrial scanning frame, an NIR smart sensor and local touchscreen display for cross direction web profiling. 

Elite Web Profiling SystemMultiple moisture and coat weight profiles in one display

Powerful features and the ability to monitor and control one or multiple lines simultaneously

The Elite Guardian Web Profiling System connects to a local display and a 19 Windows®-based PC at a central console. Larger displays are available for monitoring multiple line profiles at a single central console.

  • Central monitoring of single or multiple Guardian systems
  • Windows®-based 19" touch screen industrial PC with proprietary ViewerSuite  software pre-installed
  • Advanced roll reporting and raw data logging capabilities for traceability and audits:
  1. Complete roll recording including measurement value, date, time, length product name, etc.
  2. Web scan average and individual zone measurements
  3. Automatic sync of roll reports to local network
  • Storage of up to 100+ product recipe codes
  • Up to 100 individual zones across the web
  • Easy to read 5.7" local touch screen for calibration and troubleshooting
  • Designated lane and machine direction measurements

Essential Web Profiling System

Intuitive operator interface for single line control and monitoring

The Essential Guardian Web Profiling System connects to a 12 operator interface for simple profile display and controls.

  • Single scanner operation
  • Easy-to-read 12" high resolution non-Windows® based display
  • Raw data logging capabilities with export to .csv, .xml or .txt
  • Storage of up to 100+ product recipe codes
  • Up to 50 individual zones across the web
  • Lane and machine direction trends

The PSC advantage

Process Sensors' deep industry knowledge and commitment to our customers' long-term success ensures you receive the best product for your specific application and full support when you need it during and after installation.


Scanning Frame

Available Widths
Custom frame widths available to 6m (20').
• 3x 4-20mA Selectable sources • Live NIR Value • Scan NIR Average Values • Live Temperature & Scan Temperature Average Value
• Web Break • Web Length • Cooling Air • Sensor Window Purge
Ambient Temperature:
0-50°C (32-120°F) with air cooling up to 80°C (160°F)

NIR Measurement

Moisture Range
Min 0.1%, Max 95%
Coatings Range
Min 0.1 GSM, Max 250 GSM
Moisture Accuracy
Coatings Accuracy
±0.1 GSM
Product Temperature
80°C (160°F)

Elite Web Profiling System

NIR Constituents
1 or 2
Recipe Codes
Communication to Frame
Multi-Frame Opeation
19” Screen – Larger Optional

Essential Web Profiling System

NIR Constituent
Recipe Codes
Communication to Frame
24VDC from Frame


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