Process Sensors Corporation

On-line Fixed Sensors

On-line NIR Smart Sensors from Process Sensors provide operators immediate feedback on real-time processing parameters. Moisture, oil and coatings are commonly measured constituents in many industries including food, paper converting, wood, tobacco, bulk powders and mining & aggregate.  In many industries, optimizing production efficiency and minimizing waste is the difference between profitability and operating at a loss. 

MCT460 On-line NIR Smart Sensor

Reliable in-process monitoring of multiple constituents for improved process control, increased yield and maximum production efficiency

MCT469-SF Food Grade IP69 On-line Moisture and Oil Sensor

Sealed IP69-rated enclosure withstands complete washdowns for years of reliable operation

MCT466-SF Food & Snacks On-line NIR Smart Sensor

Dependable in-process food analysis for precise process control and increased product consistency

MCT460-T Tobacco On-line NIR Smart Sensor

Reliable moisture measurement for all stages of tobacco processing to improve yield and ensure consistent product

MCT460-WP Wood Products On-line NIR Smart Sensor

Reliable moisture measurement for improved process control and consistent product quality in wood products manufacturing