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QuikTest Analyzer

Improve quality and increase profits with rapid at-line testing

Easy-to-use analyzer for rapid at-line analysis of moisture and oil content. Versatile sampling options for the analysis of powders, solids and pastes.



Ensure consistent quality from your production with the NEW QuikTest analyzer

Moisture and oil content are two critical quality parameters for many food and ingredients. Failure to maintain consistent and optimal levels of moisture and oil leads to decreased product quality, rework or discard, potential customer issues and ultimately lost profits. 

The QuikTest analyzer measures moisture and oil at line in seconds, providing the information needed to keep your production on target.

Wide Range of Applications

The unique design of the QuikTest enables reliable analysis of many sample types including cookies, snack foods, powders such as coffee and spices, cannabis, and pastes such as peanut butter and hummus.

Easy to Use

Simple interface and straightforward operation makes it easy for virtually anyone to make reliable measurements with little to no training.

Quick to Start UpMoisture measurement in cookie plant

Delivered pre-calibrated for many products, simply power on the QuikTest and adjust the settings to your product. For proprietary or custom products, calibration can be performed with as few as five samples in minutes.

Reliable Moisture Results

Featuring a look-up orientation, samples in the QuikTest are presented to the analyzer behind a quartz lens, dish, vial or bag, providing a repeatable sample interface and no moisture loss during analysis. This presentation provides more reproducible results and no moisture changes over time.  

Versatile Sampling

The QuikTest is available with a static sample stage perfect for analyzing homogenous samples in vials or hard-to-clean samples in disposable bags or petri dishes. For non-homogeneous samples such as cookies, cannabis or hummus, a rotating sample cup measures an increased surface area for accurate and repeatable results.


The QuikTest is a rugged polycarbonate analyzer built for busy production floors Featuring a large 5.7” touchscreen display and a compact footprint. It is easy to set up and start using virtually anywhere in the plant.

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Unaffected by relative humidity, changes in product temperature, ambient light and high ambient temperature 
  • Rotating cup option produces rapid, accurate results from non-homogeneous samples



Min 0.1% to 95% Max
Min 0.1% to 50% Max

Accuracy (Subject to Application)

+/- 0.1%
+/- 0.2%


+/- 0.1%
Calibration Codes
Test Time
10 Seconds (User Definable)
5.7” Touchscreen
Operating Temperature
90-260VAC, 50/60 Hz, 40watts
Sampling Options
Static sample plate for vials and bags or rotating sample stage with small and large cups available.
39.5cm (15.5”) Depth, 23cm (9”) Width, 24cm (9.5”) Height
9kg (20 lbs)
Data Logging
USB Output (Standard), or Printer (Optional)
24 Months Parts/Labor

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