Process Sensors Corporation

Snorkel Sampler

Enables measurement of discontinuous powdered and granular products

Purpose: To enable measurement of powdered and granular products when the flow is discontinuous or product density is minimal



The Snorkel Sampler is used to provide a means of measuring powdered and granular product when there is discontinuous flow, or insufficient product density to make a measurement by normal means.

Description: A stainless steel tube terminating in a glass viewing window and sample cup.

Connection: The Sampler is bolted to the spud, which is in turn welded to the duct around the hole which is cut at the installation location. Note the sensor must be supported by a bracket, not left to hang from the Powder sampler thumbscrew.

Use: A time sequence is set up for the following events:

Purge (sample is blown out of the sample cup)

Fill (sample fills sample cup)

Sample (measurement duration)

Delay (delay between moisture readout and start of a new cycle)