Process Sensors Corporation

Calibration Check Standard

Quick instrument stability verification

Purpose: Verification of instrument stability over time



Description: A canister containing 2 standards which simulate a low and a high moisture absorption.

Connection: Align 2 fixed pins on light shroud with holes in the canister, then lock in position by tightening thumbscrew.

Use: As a stability check – With the MCT set to the same CAL channel as used to measure the product, record the MCT reading from the low side of the canister. Undo the thumbscrew holding the canister in position, invert it, then retighten. Note the MCT reading again from the high side of the canister. Future readings, taken at biweekly or monthly intervals, should lie within +/- 0.2* of the initial recorded value. If this isn't the case, the gauge may not be functioning optimally.

Note: Cal Checks can also be used for an approximate calibration transfer. Please see Installation Manual for details.

*With a span of 25. Higher spans will give rise to larger deviations from the initial Cal Check readings.

For detalied calibration check standard instructions, visit our Support Portal to download the Help Guide.