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PSC 400FCS Body Temperature Inspection System

When temperature and safety matter!

The PSC-400FCS Body Temperature Inspection System is a complete thermal imaging camera system that can be used to identify visitors with elevated temperatures for further screening or evaluation. Measures temperatures starting from - 20°C to 60°C.



The PSC-400FCS Body Temperature Scanning System is a complete automated screening system which can be deployed at the entrances of commecial businesses or public venues to identify persons with elevated body temperatures as possible risks for public health.  Once identified, these persons can be further screened with tympanic membrane (in-ear) thermometry or other more definitive idividual tests for complete security.  

Placed in a public entrance or entryway, the PSC-400FCS automatically identifies individual faces and accurately determines the facial skin temperature +/- 0.3C when the included black body reference is included in the frame.  Custom alarms can idenfity individuals with elevated temperatures for further screening.  

Key System Features:

  • Ability to screen a moving group of individuals for elevated skin temperature
  • Designed for high volume traffic areas and crowds, as well as single individual identification
  • Automatic alarm sounds when skin temperature reaches preset alarm value
  • Automatically saves a thermal image on alarm condition
  • Comprehensive, intuitive software is included in the package
  • System runs on a standard Microsoft Windows™ PC
  • Simple system installation and operation 

The PSC-400FCS imaging system is easy to install and comes complete with the IR thermal camera, software, 2 mounting brackets and companion blackbody reference source. The camera may also be mounted on an optional tripod. The blackbody source must be located in the observed image viewing area, assuring the camera’s temperature accuracy of ±0.3°C.

Also available is the PSC-320FCS body camera system, optimized for medium traffic areas such as businesses, factories and schools or universities.  The PSC-320FCS has the same software complete with facial recognition and alarms, but with a lower resolution camera for screening at lower volume entrances.  

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