Process Sensors Corporation

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

PSC’s IR Thermal Imaging Cameras are compact, radiometric and enable the operator to view and measure thousands of temperature points, line profiles or user selectable areas or regions of interest (ROI’s) defined by a maximum, minimum or average temperature within these regions. The smart technology and space saving design of each model brings new meaning to the word “simplicity” and sets a benchmark for quality and performance.

PSC 400FCS Body Temperature Inspection System

The PSC-400FCS Body Temperature Inspection System is a complete thermal imaging camera system that can be used to identify visitors with elevated temperatures for further screening or evaluation.

PSC Surveyor Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Process Sensors Surveyor camera series offers a comprehensive range of imaging and line scanning camera systems to continuously monitor and control industrial processes.

PSC-160 IMMS MoldMinder System

The PSC-160 Injection MoldMinder system prevents damage to expensive molds and eliminates costly production downtime by utilizing the many innovative functions of the PSC-160 thermal imaging camera.