Process Sensors Corporation

Portable IR Thermometers

Process Sensors offers a wide range of versatile portable IR thermometers that feature laser, optical telescopic sighting, built-in video camera, PSC Software for analysis & data logging, and on board audible / visible alarms. The precision adjustable or fixed focus optics provide small spot sizes with fast, easy, and accurate temperature measurements from -50°C to 3000°C.PSC Portable IR Thermometers

These sophisticated portables offer a variety of wavelengths depending on the specific applications for which they are intended. Portable thermometers with a 8-14u wavelength are used for general purpose / dull surface application measurements. Electrical connections, motors, switch gear, PC board components, paper, composites, wood, rusted / dull metals, and etc are all examples of such applications.

Short wavelength portable IR thermometers (less than 3u) such as the Model PSC-90 series & PSC-PTLST-20-1M/2M are very effective in measuring shiny/semi shiny surface applications. Examples include molten metals and crucibles, induction heating of metals, furnace applications, molten glass, semiconductor wafers, composites, ceramics, and spot measurements viewing through glass, quartz, or sapphire windows into a vacuum furnace.

PSC 90 Series Handheld IR Thermometer

PSC-90 Series is a versatile non-contact, portable digital infrared thermometer with precision, focusable optics for accurate temperature measurement with data logging capabilities.

PSC-80 Series Handheld Thermometer

The portable PSC-SR80NV non-contact 2-color ratio thermometer offers wide temperature ranges from 500 to 1800°C and features automatic compensation when viewing through dirty windows, dust, and partial smoke.

PSC MS Series Portable Thermometer

The PSC MS MiniSight portable thermometers enable you to measure objects as small as 13mm across a wide temperature range. Just spot the object, press the trigger and the infrared thermometers will show the temperature in an instant.

PSC-PTLST Series Handheld Thermometers

A handheld portable IR thermometer series with temperature ranges beginning at 0°C and ending at 1800°C. Enables precise aiming at extended targets due to twin lasers and built-in optical telescope.

Capella C3 Series

The Capella C3 Series of hand-held, battery operated 1- and 2-color IR thermometers brings all the advanced measurement capabilities of PSC fixed mounted pyrometers to the workplace in portable form. This rugged, comprehensive model series offers green laser or through lens sighting, ultra fast speed of response, short-wave devices for precise measurement of metals, welding, molten glass, furnace refractory, kilns, semi-conductors and ceramics. Features temperature ranges from 250°C to 3300°C.