Process Sensors Corporation

IR Temperature Sensors

Process Sensors offers a wide range of on-line fixed sensors for immediate and continuous temperature measurement and control in industrial processes. With a variety of special features, accessories and software options available, our technical experts can help match you with the best sensor for your application.

Metis M3 Pyrometer

The Process Sensors Metis M3 Series pyrometers are available in single and dual wavelength versions and feature advanced design and feature sets.

Metis MP and MB Pyrometer Series

The Metis MP and MB series of stand-alone pyrometers feature lead sulphide and lead selenide detectors to measure metal surfaces above 75°C (Metis MP) or above 50° (Metis MB). Temperature range of 130 to 700°C.

PSC-44 Series

The PSC-44 Series offers fast response speed, high accuracy and repeatability, linear 4-20mA analog output and a digital RS485 interface for glass and metal applications. Temperature ranges from 100ºC to 2500ºC.