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PSC BBS-FP Fixed Point Temperature Calibration Sources

The PSC-BBS-FP Series

The BBSxx-FP Blackbody series provides a quick and accurate way to check the calibration of non-contact infrared temperature sensors. Eighteen Blackbody calibration source models are available; offering fixed target temperatures from 35ºC to 150ºC, all providing outstanding stability with less than ±0.2ºC deviation.



The Blackbody emitter heats up and stabilizes in 5 to 15 minutes to the desired temperature, depending on the model. An LED indicator on the Blackbody is used to show when it has reached its final target temperature:  green when the BBS…FP is warming up, orange when the BBSxx-FP is ready for operation and red when the BBSxx-FP is overheating (visual warning alarm).

The BBSxx-FP can be used with any infrared temperature sensor that is able to measure between 35ºC and 150ºC and can focus on a target area less than 2” (50.8 mm).

The PSC-BBS-FP series is avalible in the following fixed temperature points:

  • BBS35-FP             Calibration source BBS35              35 °C
  • BBS45-FP             Calibration source BBS45              45 °C
  • BBS50-FP             Calibration source BBS50              50 °C
  • BBS55-FP             Calibration source BBS55              55 °C
  • BBS60-FP             Calibration source BBS60              60°C
  • BBS65-FP             Calibration source BBS65              65°C
  • BBS70-FP             Calibration source BBS70              70°C
  • BBS75-FP             Calibration source BBS75              75°C
  • BBS80-FP             Calibration source BBS80              80°C
  • BBS85-FP             Calibration source BBS85              85°C
  • BBS90-FP             Calibration source BBS90              90°C
  • BBS95-FP             Calibration source BBS95              95°C
  • BBS100-FP           Calibration source BBS100            100°C
  • BBS110-FP           Calibration source BBS110            110°C
  • BBS120-FP           Calibration source BBS120            120°C
  • BBS130-FP           Calibration source BBS130            130°C
  • BBS140-FP           Calibration source BBS140            140°C
  • BBS150-FP           Calibration source BBS150            150°C



Temperature Range
Fixed temperature point from 35 °C to 150 °C depending on model
Aperture Size
2" (50.8 mm)
Emissivity Value
0.98 ± 0.004
Power Requirement
100 to 240 VAC / 50 Hz
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