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Large Aperture - Unique for Temperature Range

The BBS1500-40 is a highly stable radiation source which is ideally used for the calibration of short wavelength pyrometers between 250 and 1500°C. Large aperture size makes it easy to line up the sensor for calibration measurement.



The BBS 1500-40 is an adjustable blackbody with a wide temperature range of 250 to 1500°C (482 to 2732°F) with 40 mm (1.57”) aperture. It is capable of precise calibration of pyrometers with spot sizes up to 24 mm. The BBS 1500-40 outdos other blackbodies on the market in regards to it's heat up time: 1450°C in 40 minutes. With its cylindrical cavity for uniform temperature radiation and simultaneous display of set point and actual temperature values, BBS1500-40 is a reliable and easy to read blackbody source.

Auxiliary connections:
- Interface for communication via PC with software
- Pyrometer analog output for analog calibration



Temperature Range
250°C to 1500°C (482 to 2732°F)
Aperature Size
Ø 40 mm (1.57’’)
Emissivity Value
0.993 ±0.004 at wavelength ranges between 500 and 3500 nm
Power Requirement
200–240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, max. 3 kVA


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