Reverse Roll Coating Measurement

Reverse Roll Coaters have a metering and applicator roll. Often there are 3 or 4 roll configurations.  Coating is applied through the gap between the metering and applicator roll where the nip pressure and gap control the specific coat weight.  The applicator roll runs in reverse direction of the web transferring the coating onto the web.  Reverse Roll Coaters are capable of producing highly polished surfaces and are more expensive than some other coaters such as slot-die that can’t always achieve that level of polishing.  If a Converter operates a Reverse Roll Coater a Cross Direction Web Profile System is a good investment to maintain uniform coat weight on high end products.  The Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System meets the application needs for film, foil and paper coat weight and moisture measurements on Reverse Roll and other coaters.

Reverse Roll Coating Measurement Graphic 061716 C


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