PFAS Coating Measurement Is Important In Food Packaging

PFASs are polyfluoroalkyl chemicals commonly used in food packaging due to their resistance to oil, grease, moisture and stain resistance.  They are applied to everything from fast food burger/sandwich wrappers to pizza boxes in food packaging.  PFASs are also used on fabrics such as carpets, furniture and backpacks for stain resistance.

Essentially hydrogen atoms are replaced with fluorine atoms terminating with a Carbon chain.  The PFASs are similar to Teflon (PTFE) used in non-stick frying pans.  The danger with PFASs in food packaging is that if too much of this grease resistant coating is applied in food packaging, it can migrate into the food that we ingest and potentially increase cancer risks.


PFAS Structure 020217


Therefore, it’s critical that food packaging suppliers measure and control the amount of PFASs applied to their paper and board lines.  Near Infrared Cross Direction Profile Systems provide this measurement that can be sent to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to precisely control the amount of PFAS being applied and they can also archive data.

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