Columnated Beam Assembly for Narrow Web and Web Edge Measurement

Columnated Beam Assemblies for Narrow Webs and Web Edge measurements are becoming an increasingly important tool for packaging material suppliers in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.  Typically these applications require a much smaller spot size to avoid the irregularity on the body of the web which may contain intentional voids or reception spots for capsules, pills, vitamins etc.  In these cases there is usually a continuous band of hot melt coating on the narrow web edge for both lab and process measurements.

There are two common methods to narrow spot size.  Masking the light beam essentially blocks light energy into a smaller profile using less light and decreasing the signal to noise ratio.  Optical lens size reduction maintains energy and a strong signal to noise ratio.  Sometimes a combination of the two techniques are employed to best optimize spot size and shape for narrow webs.  Please contact Process Sensors to discuss your application at 508.473-9901.

Narrow Web comparison of optical to mask technique

Narrow Web Columnated Lens Assembly