Hot Melt Thickness Measurement On Film

Hot melt data

Lab vs. MCT Transmitter

Hot Melt measurements on film are typically measured with Near Infrared (NIR) transmitters that provide a digital display in engineering units, analog outputs and a digital interface.  The NIR non-contacting Hot Melt measurement is extremely accurate and stable with no regulatory requirements.  The measurement can be fixed point or scan across the web to provide a cross direction web profile.

The Guardian Web Profile System provides a Cross Direction profile on a large flat panel LCD in an economical and attractive enclosure. The Guardian is fully automated with recipes for web width, scan speed, zone average, and data logging digital outputs. This is a complete system to provide the highest value performance to cost ratio. The system can supply CD Web Profiles and MD Trends for hot melt thickness, moisture and temperature. Multiple measurements can be displayed on a single screen.  The MCT Series of NIR transmitters can also measure hot melt thickness on film in a fixed position.

Hot melt grab

Hot Melt Lab vs. MCT