Press Release – GUARDIAN Web Profile System Optimizes Steam Curtain In Converting Applications June 17, 2011




PRESS RELEASE – June 17, 2011
Converting companies vying for the High Quality Performance paper market focus on flat and level sheets.

Water based fillers and strengtheners are typically clay or chalk, and are used to coat paper for high quality printing.
They may be bound to the paper by organic starches or synthetics. This is an ideal application for the GUARDIAN
SFS Web Profile System for water based coat weight measurement.

Additionally, Moisture Control in the Cross-Direction (CD) and Machine Direction greatly improves product quality and minimizes or eliminates edge curl. Steam Curtains/Showers re-moisturize the paper to improve cross-directional

The steam curtain has a series of actuator controlled zones across the web. The GUARDIAN SFS
can be set up to provide zone measurement of exit moisture. The resultant data is output via a serial
comport or text file to control the individual actuators across the zone and the resultant moisture.

This is a great application of GUARDIAN SFS Web Profile technology to meet today?s converter?s need for improved moisture control to maintain flatness and to avoid web curl.

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