PSC-CS Laser


Knowing the precise point or area of a target to be monitored when using infrared thermometers for temperature measurement is critical to measurement accuracy. Process Sensors? newly released model PSC-CS-Laser thermometer series eliminates guesswork by using two, built-in, bright red lasers.

At the focus distance, the laser beams converge to form a single spot on the target. At distances other than the focus length, individual laser spots delineate the measured target size diameter. The model PSC-CS-Laser series are self contained pyrometers constructed from rugged stainless steel that can be configured for 2 wire loop powered or 4 wire operation when utilizing dual lasers for targeting.

The high accuracy infrared temperature sensor can operate in ambient temperatures up to 185?F (85?C) without the need for cooling, offers fast speed of response and high resolution optics with selectable fixed focus distances for small target sizes from 0.020? (0.5mm) in diameter. The rugged stainless steel housing with companion heavy duty cooling jacket with air purge, stands up to the most severe industrial environments.

Spectral responses of 8 to 14? with a temperature range of -50 to 975?C, or 1.6? with a temperature range of 385 to 1600?C, suit the loop powered, compact sensors to a wide range of applications such as induction heating, metal processing, semiconductors, paper, plastics, webs, ovens, furnaces, glass, ceramics, thermoforming, food, powders, liquids, hot material /aggregate on conveyors etc. Outputs are analog 4 to 20mA, 0-30V open collector, used for alarm and digital uni/bidirectional, 9.6kBaud, communication.

Measurement parameters such as emissivity can be set manually on the IR sensor, or via PSC Connect software with optional USB connector. The software also facilitates the set-up of peak, valley and averaging functions, graphic display of temperature trends, and data logging with a 1ms response time.

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Process Sensors is a private company with a manufacturing facility located in Milford, MA, USA. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of non-contact temperature and moisture measurement instruments, and the associated calibration systems. The Company provides technical and application support worldwide through direct, regional and sales representative offices.

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