SnaxPo Go Pro Winner Sunday in Savannah!

Sunday started off the SnaxPo in Savannah with good traffic and an opportunity to meet new and old friends.  Our daily “Guess the Moisture” of chips to be analyzed at 3:30 yesterday during SnaxPo ranged from 1 to 7.6%.

Winners were determined using our At-line NIR Moisture Analyzer, the MCT466-QuikCheck

The MCT466-QuikCheck measures moisture and oil/fat levels in seconds and is routinely used on potato chips, tortilla chips, extruded snacks, popcorn and other snack foods.

Congratulations to Mr. Jorn Remmem of

Old Dutch Foods with a

winning guess of 1.62% moisture!

Be sure to visit our Booth #401 to enter today’s contest for a new Go Pro Hero! 

Go Pro Winner Sunday 040217



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