Process Sensors Corporation Service Contracts

Service Contracts Protect Your Capital Investment.  Two visits per year to certify correct operation and calibration, provide training for new operators, optimize any communications and answer questions.  The Service Contract includes a discount on any replacement parts out of warranty. 


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The services provided include:

Preventative Maintenance:

  • A complete diagnostic check of voltages, internal temperature, detector signal, gain, optical filters measurements and optical balancing. All necessary adjustments will be performed. Should any replacement parts be required, they will be supplied during the visit at a 15% discount.
  • Minimum of two Service and Maintenance visits per year. 
  • Remote Diagnostics via Internet as needed.  



  • All MCT Gauge calibrations will be confirmed using the customer’s current lab methods.  An adjustment to the calibration or full calibration of each MCT Gauge will be performed as required.


PLC and Computer Program Check:

  • For MCT Gauges and Frames connected to a PLC or PC, the diagnostics and communications will be checked to ensure that the MCT Gauges and Frames are performing and communicating properly.



  • Operator, Maintenance and Quality Assurance Technician training can be provided during the service visit. The training would be for the operation, calibration, maintenance and repair of the MCT Gauges. The training may cover:
  • Near-Infrared Theory
  • MCT Gauge Operation
  • Changing Product Codes
  • Confirming Calibrations
  • Performing Off-set adjustments to the Calibration
  • Performing a Full Calibration
  • Preventive Maintenance and adjustments
  • Repair and replacement of parts

Additional Training can also be provided to meet specific requirements of your facility. 

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