Energy Revolution – Shale Oil and Wood Pellets?

We are all aware of the Shale Oil and Natural Gas Boom that’s lowering the price of gas at the pump.  Did you know that there is a Wood Pellet Boom going on too?

Maybe not, and that might be because it’s happening in the US Southeast and shipping to Europe!

Wood Pellet Unloader Europe 121214


Europe’s move towards cleaner fuels is driven by tax and other incentives that make wood pellets a very attractive fuel for heating and boilers.  The wood pellets are highly energy efficient and are generally made up of what would traditionally be waste wood, and they’re from a renewable energy resource.

Enviva has opened five pellet mills in less than five years to increase supply.  Over three of the UK’s largest power plants have converted from coal to wood pellets as a fuel source which increases demand.  Enviva has long employed moisture transmitters to optimize pelletizing and insure highly efficient pellets that don’t crumble.  Process Sensors MCT460-WP moisture transmitter features a large digital display, analog outputs and Ethernet communications.


The demand for wood pellets is growing rapidly across Europe with almost 50% of exports to the UK.  Moisture is important for the energy efficiency, pellet density and ability to maintain structural integrity (not crumble or stick together).  Click Here to learn more about the importance of moisture measurement and control in the Biomass industry.

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