NIR Snorkel Sampler for Gravity Drop and Air Conveyed Applications

Snorkel Sampler

Stainless Steel Snorkel Sampler Assembly

Certain applications require the NIR measurement of moisture or active ingredient in powdered, granular or flake material at a point where it is conveyed by gravity drop or air.  The lack of continuous flow and varying product density are not suitable for measurement through a sight glass.

The Snorkel Sampler collects product via a stainless steel tube terminating in a sample cup and viewing window.  The Snorkel Sampler is bolted to a spud attachment that is welded to the conveyor duct around a hole cut at the selected sample point and supported with a bracket.  This allows easy insertion and removal of the Snorkel Sampler for routine maintenance.

The user selectable measurement cycle allows for sample collection and measurement followed by an air purge blast to empty the sample cup.  The Snorkel Sampler also includes an adjustable delay cycle that holds the digital display, analog and digital outputs constant while the collection cup of the Snorkel Sampler refills for the next measurement cycle.


Snorkel Sampler Installed

NIR Snorkel Sampler Installed In-Line

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