Teflon PTFE Moisture Control is A Non-Sticky Application!


Teflon Fluorocarbon Chemical Make Up

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is better known as Teflon.  PTFE is a high molecular weight fluorocarbon compound that is hydrophobic and commonly used to provide a non-stick coating on cookware.  It has many other applications as a lubricant and coating.  Teflon PTFE is so slippery that it is even used as a coating that most insects can’t climb.  And as with many great discoveries it was discovered by accident while an engineer working for DuPont (Roy Plunkett, Kinetic Chemicals, 1938, DuPont and GM founded company) was looking to develop a better refrigerant.  Application development took only a few more years.

Teflon PTFE

Teflon PTFE Molecular Make Up


After polymerization in the reaction chamber and draining, the stringy Teflon PTFE is dried and pulverized into a flour like consistency.  Moisture measurement and control is critical at this stage in maintaining Teflon PTFE performance characteristics when applied to down the line applications such as fry pans and lubricants.  Process Sensors MCT Series of moisture transmitters provide immediate non-contacting moisture measurement and display, analog and digital outputs.

Teflon PTFE Moisture Graph Lab vs. MCT

Teflon PTFE Graph Lab vs. MCT Moisture

Teflon Moisture Chart

Teflon PTFE Lab vs. MCT Chart

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