MCT660 Bench Top Convenience with Laboratory Accuracy

Bench Top NIR Convenience Laboratory AccuracyThe MCT660 is rugged, simple to use and highly reliable on the factory floor or quality control lab. TheMCT660 provides precise measurements of moisture, oils, resins and other constituents, in virtually all types of powders, foods, flakes and leaves.

• Moisture and oil in the Food Industry (cookies, crackers, cereals) and the Snack Food Industry (potato chips, corn chips, baked and fried snacks)

• Moisture, nicotine and sugars in the Tobacco Industry (any stage of tobacco processing with all types of tobacco applications)

• Moisture in the Panel Board Industry (OSB, particle board, fiberboard, MDF)

• Moisture in powders, granulations, rubber crumb, resins, detergents, et. al., in widely diverse industry applications.

The MCT660 is operator friendly and very simple to use. Easy to follow software guides users through calibration and sample testing. Samples, straight from the production line, are placed in the sample dish and a simple touch of the button initiates the test. In less than 10 seconds, the constituent measurements are displayed and the unit becomes ready for additional samples.

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