IR Temperature Measurement With Non-Contact Portable Remote Video Camera

Revolutionary New Portable IR Model PSC-IRVT Series

For Reliable Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement

Process Sensors presents a new series of economically priced, excellent value non-contact infrared video cameras for fast, easy and accurate temperature measurement featuring image capture and video capture in an instant with built-in recording and playback functionality.

The 640 x 480 pixel, multi-functional PSC-IRVT Series thermal imaging cameras feature temperature ranges from -50? to 1600?C, making them ideal for general purpose plant and equipment maintenance as well as HVAC and refrigeration, bulk material conveyors, and transportation/automotive applications. The PSC-IRVT series works equally well with virtually any non-shiny material, but is especially effective with paper production, wood, textiles, gypsum, brick, rubber and powders.

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