Paper Solution Control – MCT360 Moisture Transmitter Liquid Application Systems

Guardian Moisture Web Profile System

Optimizes Water Based Mold Inhibitor and
Burn Retardants In Paper Converting Industry

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Converting companies vying for the high quality performance paper market focus on flat and level sheets. Water based fillers and strengtheners are typically clay or chalk, and are used to coat paper for high quality printing. They may be bound to the paper by organic starches or synthetics. This is an ideal application for the GUARDIAN Web Profile System for water based coat weight

Liquid Applications Systems saturate the web with water based solutions through an applicator roll system. These systems typically
employ an applicator roll and a metering roll, and sometimes a third roll to saturate the entire sheet. The MCT360 moisture sensor outputs a 4-20mA analog signal that is used to control roll speed for proper set point. The digital output is sent to a separate PC for product roll archiving.


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MCT360 Measures Chemical Solution for Mold Inhibitor and Fire Retardant

MCT360 Measures Chemical Solution for Mold Inhibitor and Fire Retardant


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