Wood Products Moisture Transmitter MCT360WP Provides Solutions to Board Plants

Improve Quality and Reduce Blown Boards

Measure Moisture and Avoid Fires

Moisture content is important in the manufacturing of Particle, OSB, Fiber, Wafer, and other Board Products. Wood Pellets and Hog Fuel applications benefit immediately from measuring moisture with the MCT360WP near infrared transmitter too. Improve Product Quality and Reduce Energy and Blow Up costs. Contact us today!

Hot Melt Coater Operator Installs GUARDIAN Web Profile System!

GUARDIAN Profiler Insures Improved QC and Reduction in Edge Curl

GUARDIAN Web Profiler Provides Economical Solutions to Speed Start Up!

Leading Hot Melt CoaterOperator installs GUARDIAN Web Profile System to measure hot melt coating and release liner moisture. Each line employs two GUARDIAN Web Profile Systems with both profiles displayed on a single industrial PC. Quicker Start-Up Times, less out-of-spec scrap, and improved Quality Control have proven the investment in the GUARDIAN Web Profile System.

MCT330 Heavy Duty NIR Transmitter ~ Moisture, Fat/Oil, Protein

MCT330 HD Stand Apart From The Competition

MCT330 Moisture Tranmsitter Insures Shelf Life And Flavor Protection

Process Sensors MCT330 HD continues its march to be the standard for NIR Food Grade Moisture Transmitters. As federal regulations push manufacturers towards stringent cleaning criteria for bacteria and other contaminants, the ability to withstand washdown environments sets the MCT330 apart.


OI Displays Numerical Measurement and Trend

Operator Interface Offers Trend Periods

MCT360 Operator Interface displays both numeric value and trend. The trend time cycle is operator selectable. This allows the operators to quickly see the immediate impact of system upsets.


MCT360 Equipped With Air Purge Measure Moisture to 0.1%

Plant Implements Process Moisture Control With MCT360

The MCT360 equipped with air purge is mounted 8″ above the product on conveyor measuring cement moisture to within 0.1% accuracy. The local Operator Interface supplies a digital display and adjustable 10 minute trend. The digital output feeds into a PC that records all shift and product change histories. The analog outputs are used to control cement moisture.

PACK Expo Serves Up Leads For Packaging Lines, Food Products, and Other

PSC Preparing For The Rush!

PACk Expo Brings Packaging Line And Food Products Engineers Together

The PACK Expo was well attended with many visitors from a variety of industries. Customers with packaging lines needing coat weight and moisture crowded the aisles, excited to see the GUARDIAN Web Profile System. Surprisingly, quite a few food product engineers looking for new packaging, were pleased to find out about moisture and fat/oil measurement with the MCT360. A very strong trade show!