Moisture In Finished Tobacco

The continuous measurement of moisture in tobacco is a key consideration in the production of tobacco.? The proper moisture level of finished tobacco has an impact on production speed and tobacco quality.? By installing the MCT360-T in the processing area, a manufacturer can continuously monitor the moisture content and either manually or automatically make control decisions.


The MCT360-T is typically installed over a full conveyor prior to the making area.? ? The MCT should be positioned about 8″ from the tobacco bed and perpendicular to the moving conveyor.? It is always to important to make sure during the MCT’s installation there are no gaps or interruptions in the product flow.

Moisture measurement in finished tobacco is a vey well understood and documented application.? NIR wavelengths, calibrations,? algorithms and sensor optical parameters are pre-set at the PSC factory.

Attention Snack Food Manufacturers: Seasoning and Flavoring Application

NIR Analyzers have been assets to the Snack Food Industry for a number of years.? They have been widely used and are an accepted method of analysis in many environments and used for a variety of applications.

One interesting application is the automatic controls of flavoring addition for both cheese curls and popcorn.? An NIR sensor is installed on a conveyor after a tumbler.? The tumbler applies the flavoring in a form of a slurry and the NIR sensor actually measures the oil content of the slurry.? The amount of oil in the slurry has a direct relationship to the total amount of flavoring being applied.? The NIR sensor’s 4-20mA output is connected into a process controller that automatically adjusts the amount of flavoring applied by manipulating a pump to a desired set point.