Breakfast Cereal Applications

Knowledge of the moisture content at the exit of the cooker, cooker extruder and exit of the

toaster, yields important information which can be utilized to maintain the consistent form,

taste and texture of the cereal in addition to optimizing product yield, reducing scrap and

saving on energy costs. On-line measurements give instantaneous information, enabling

tighter process control than can be obtained through lab analyzed data.

Cereal Production Process

Processes vary, but one such example might contain: a Mixing stage where dry and liquid

ingredients are mixed, Cooker, Extruder or Former, Cutter, Cooler, Flaking Roll,

Dryer-Toaster, Froster-Sprayer and Dryer.

Measurement Location

Moisture measurement at the exit of the Cooker, prior to the Former, reduces the quantity

of misshapes through product sticking or disintegrating in the flaking process. Moisture

measurement post Toaster enables maximization of final moisture, this optimizes yield,

without compromising taste, texture and shelf life characteristics.

Gauge Installation

Typically the gauge is installed over a conveyor, approximately 8? from the product. It is

important to maintain sufficient product bed depth to cover the conveyor, and continuous

product flow, especially if the gauge is used in closed loop control of the toaster or dryer.

The gauge is best positioned at a location several feet from the exit of the toaster/dryer as

this gives the product a chance to reach a degree of equilibration. If possible

measurement should be made on well mixed product; an ideal location is after a short drop

from one conveyor onto another.

The Food Grade MCT300 incorporates a food grade electro less nickel enclosure and either

a kel F polymeric, or sapphire viewing window. An optional water/air cooling panel or vortec

cooler are available if the ambient temperature exceeds 55?C.

Measurement Performance

Application Notes

Moisture in Breakfast Cereals | ?2005 Process Sensors Corp.

Measurement Location Target % Typical Accuracy %

Moisture Exit Cooker 20-30% 0.4%

Moisture Exit Toaster/Dryer 2-8% 0.15%