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Process Sensors Corporation and Unity Scientific to showcase on-line, at-line, and lab snack food processing solutions at SNAXPO 2017

SnaxPo Savannah 2017 011017SAVANNAH, GA, (March 28, 2017)– Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) and Unity Scientific, both KPM Analytics companies, will highlight their NIR moisture measurement, oil/fat and protein analyzer solutions at SNAXPO 2017, booth # 401 in Savannah, GA, April 1-4. Used for quality control applications in snack food processing, the solutions can monitor and improve product quality, help maintain brand integrity, archive data, and reduce costs.


With decades of application expertise in food quality and safety, Process Sensors Corporation will be highlighting their MCT466 Snack Food Stainless Steel Process NIR Analyzer suitable for wash down environments, and the QuikCheck Laboratory and At-Line Analyzer for moisture and oil/fat measurements with the new USB feature and network communications interface. Moisture content impacts product texture and shelf life, and oil/fat can impact flavor and calories. The MCT466 Process Analyzer and the QuikCheck Analyzer allows food manufacturers to monitor and control both, ultimately influencing brand integrity and customer loyalty. The MCT466 also features analog outputs and digital communications, as well as color-coded stack alarms and annunciators.


When used with the new PSC Viewer Suite software – also showcased at SnaxPo this year – the QuikCheck Analyzer archives product data on a PC, network, or LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in Excel, XML, or CSV file formats. Data in the Viewer Suite software includes date, time, and location, as well as moisture and oil/fat measurements, which are critical for inspections and product recall activity. Operators are notified when product is out of specification, so that corrections can be made immediately to minimize waste and line down-time.


The Unity Scientific experts will also be on hand to discuss applications using spectroscopic analysis of snack food products, including near infrared (NIR) bench-top and at-line analyzers for agricultural, food, beverage, meat, dairy, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples.

Unity Scientific will be showcasing the brand new SpectraStar XT at SNAXPO this year. With the best performance in the industry, the XT is a robust, easy-to-use NIR analyzer for both laboratory and at-line environments, and includes the TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology to automatically align the instrument and keep it in peak operating condition.


Also part of the Unity Scientific offerings at the show will be their Snack Food Analyzer. Based on the industry-leading XT, the Snack Food Analyzer is a complete package for laboratory or at-line analysis of incoming ingredients, in-process samples, and finished products. The Snack Food Analyzer produces accurate and reliable results in 30 seconds, measuring moisture, fat, protein, total sugar and other properties from samples at any stage of the process. Starter calibrations are available for many snack foods, including chips and crackers, as well as calibrations for analyzing flour and even fryer oil.


Visitors to booth #401 will also have an opportunity to win a new GoPro by guessing the moisture level of a variety of samples, with the “Calling all Pros” contest.


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About Process Sensors Corporation (PSC)

PSC is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation for accurate and reliable moisture and temperature measurement. PSC’s products are used around the world for quality control of manufacturing processes such as food, wood and paper products, tobacco as well as pharmaceuticals and plastics. With industry leading expertise in NIR and IR technology, PSC is located in Milford, MA, USA with sales offices in Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA, Corby, UK and Warsaw, Poland. To learn more, visit



About Unity Scientific

Unity Scientific is an industry-leading provider of premium analytical instrumentation used for quality control applications within production processes and laboratory environments. Unity’s expertise in near infrared (NIR) technology serves a wide range of end markets such as food & dairy, agriculture and environmental. Headquarters are in Milford, MA, USA with additional offices in Weiler Bei Bingen, Germany. To learn more, visit



About KPM Analytics

The operating companies that make up KPM Analytics have come together because of their industry-leading expertise in the food, agriculture, and environmental sectors. Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation and CHOPIN Technologies are recognized by their customers for deep application knowledge and superior support. The companies now stand as a strategic group with a common passion for providing solutions and solving our customer’s most challenging problems. Through this united approach, our customers, big and small, will be better served with a broader, more robust scientific instrumentation offering supported by a global network and application expertise. Visit www.kpmanalytics.comto learn more.



Can I Afford a Cross Direction Coat Weight and/or Moisture Measurement?

Another question might be “Can you afford not to have a cross direction coat weight or moisture measurement?”


Process Sensors Guardian Nova Series of Cross Direction Web Profile Systems are designed to encourage early entry into the measurement and control of the web profile.

Our PC based Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System is the work horse of the industry.  Fast, accurate, reliable, Ethernet communications, analog outputs, remote on-line diagnostics and Easy-to-Operate, the Guardian is an established brand in the industry.

What if you’re a new or expanding company that doesn’t have a lot of capital?  You get a new or bigger contract re-newel. Normal procedure requires start up, samples sent to lab, 20 minute response at best, make adjustments, new lab sample for confirmation and operation at best.  Contract is great but the time to get to set point is more critical and impacts production volume.  Also, if there’s a wedge or edge splurge that messes up profile, it messes up roll delivered to customer.  A complete cross direction web profile system pays for itself quickly.

Guardian opportunities now include a simple scanner, transmitter and digital display.  The basic system does not include a cross direction web profile.  It provides a digital measurement of coat weight or moisture across the web.  It can be programmed for automatic scanning or to machine direction lane with trend plot.  If you spot a problem, you can locate it, adjust the nip pressure, dye bolt, skew, or whatever is needed and immediately see the result to obtain a uniform profile.  This is especially important on start up.  It allows emerging or budget restricted companies a quick way to provide their production operators a tool for process control.

Measuring moisture or coat weight, film thickness or PSA Cross Direction Web Profile speeds start up, reduces out-of-spec product and increases profits.



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The Guardian 12” Operator Interface System offers the same features as the basic system with a complete Cross Direction Web Profile.  No data logging, but it offers a quick, accurate and easy-to-operate system to optimize start up and detect problems.  Ideal for lowering start up time and increasing production for emerging companies.


Guardian 12 in scan brochure 092614


PC Based System can communicate with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) meaning that the operator can simply change a roll or customer order via the HMI and that activates appropriate product and historical codes automatically.  Multiple scanners, transmitters and measurements such as coat weight and residual moisture!




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