MCT460 Nova Series Near Infrared Transmitter – New Brochure

MCT460 Features & Improvements

• New micro controller, high performance, dual core architecture.

 One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition, the other programmed

 to manage computations and communications options

• Samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy

• Embedded bootloader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded

 through USB or serial interface

• Filter wheel speed adjustment through software

• Temperature controlled PbS detector for enhanced stability

• Built in cooling panel and Air Purge Assembly

• Ergonomically sound IP67 cast aluminum enclosure

New Near IR Transmitter

NEW MCT460 Brochure


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MCT460 Features Advanced New Developments In Near IR Sensor Technology

NEW MCT460 NIR Sensor

MCT460 NIR Process Transmitter


MCT460 Offers New Features that Raise the Bar for NIR Transmitters

  • Processing electronics upgraded and optimized to improve sensor performance and flexibility.
  • New high performance microcontroller with dual core architecture.  One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition and a second core programmed to manage computations and communications options.
  • MCT460 samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy.
  • Direct USB connectivity port.
  • Embedded boot loader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded through USB or serial interface.
  • Filter wheel speed adjustable through software.
  • Improved PbS (lead sulfide) detector temperature control for enhanced stability in arduous environments.
  • Built in data logger for measured constituents and sensor diagnostics.
  • IP67 cast aluminum enclosure.
  • Large (5.7”) Operator Interface Touch Screen with bigger and brighter display.


MCT460 Transmitter and OI Photo

MCT460 Transmitter and Operator Interface