Food, Bricks, Print Portable SenWare Color Analyzer!

Food, Bricks, Print and More … Portable Color Meter at a Reasonable Price!  2016 New SenWare Product Introduction!


SenWare UK has announced the 2016 NEW Product Introduction of their CR100 Portable Color/Colour Hand Held Color Measurement Gauge!  This unit is ideal for food, biscuits/crackers/bread/rolls and more when process measurement is not applicable or maybe not affordable initially.

SenWare also has a complete line of process, at-line and laboratory color analyzers for every Solid Color and Liquid Color need.  The uniqueness and specialty of SenWare is recognizing that some applications only need a single or dual and do not necessarily need tri-color measurement and providing the correct solution at an economical price.


Please contact SenWare to discuss your Portable, At-Line, Lab or Process Color Applications.


Senware CR100 HH Portable Color Meter Food Crop 120215


Senware CR100 HH Portable Color Meter 120215



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