Nonwoven Moisture Measurement with Process Near IR Transmitter

nonwoven color fabric

Polypropylene Nonwoven

Nonwovens are usually manufactured from fibers or filaments as sheets or webs bonded together thermally, mechanically or chemically.  The term nonwoven indicates that they are not made by weaving or knitting. Sometimes a certain percentage of recycled fabrics and oil-based materials are used in nonwoven fabrics for strength characteristics for a given application. Nonwovens are generally recyclable and have gained favor in single use and disposable markets for ecological or “green” reasons and increasingly function as a substitute for polyurethane foam.  They are also used in the manufacture of bullet proof vests, very flexible material for a large number of applications.

These nonwoven engineered fabrics can have the same appearance and strength as woven fabrics.  Nonwovens can be thermally bound by adding a resin and heating up the web to melt the resin into the fibers or chemically bound with an adhesive or mechanically bound such as felts.  PET (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) are common chemical formulations used in the manufacture of nonwovens.

Near Infrared (NIR) process transmitters have several applications in the nonwoven manufacturing process that can reduce costs, increase line speed and quality control.  Primary application is moisture measurement at the dryer exit but these NIR transmitters can also measure water based binder coatings, and for low weight nonwoven webs, basis weight based on the hydrocarbon absorption peak at 2.34 µ.  Process Sensors MCT series of NIR transmitters meet these application requirements.  Please contact us at 508.473-9901 to discuss your application.

Air Purge – When Do I Need One?

Air Purge Specifications

Process Near Infrared (NIR) analyzers benefit from an air purge in dusty environments.   The optical light tube is equipped with a 1/4″ brass Swagelock fitting for filtered or plant air.  Air flow is typically 3-5 psig to provide a laminar air flow that prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on the lens and reducing light energy return to the detector.  Higher air pressures create a turbulent flow that doesn’t protect the lens from dirt accumulation.  The picture below illustrates the difference that an air purge can make in a very dusty environment such as mines, concrete processing, or other environments where dust, or dirt is prevalent.

Please contact your Process Sensors representative at 508.473-9901 to discuss your application today.

Air Purge before and after

Benefit of Air Purge

Tobacco Moisture Measurement Locations

Tobacco moisture measurement locations

Moisture is Critical in Tobacco Processing

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Pack Expo

Packaging Machinery


Rainbow Mountains are Real!

The Rainbow Mountains in China are real, not photo shopped.  Formed over millions of years, sandstone marking different geological ages have been pushed up by colliding tectonic plates.  Wow!  Happy Friday from Process Sensors!

Rainbow Mountains China

Rainbow Mountains in China!

IFT Show in Chicago a Snacking Good Time!

IFT (International Food Technology Show) in Chicago allowed us to meet our many friends and customers.  High attendance and interest led to a successful show!


IFT Booth

PSC Booth at IFT in Chicago

Red Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway Brings Stormy Times

Red Sox vs. Yankees is one of the most storied rivalries in Sports.  A good number of PSC employees attended a recent game and as always between the two teams it was a stormy time!

Fenway Red Sox Yankees Game Storms Boston!

Fenway Red Sox Yankees Game Storms Boston!