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NIR Snorkel Sampler for Gravity Drop and Air Conveyed Applications

Snorkel Sampler

Stainless Steel Snorkel Sampler Assembly

Certain applications require the NIR measurement of moisture or active ingredient in powdered, granular or flake material at a point where it is conveyed by gravity drop or air.  The lack of continuous flow and varying product density are not suitable for measurement through a sight glass.

The Snorkel Sampler collects product via a stainless steel tube terminating in a sample cup and viewing window.  The Snorkel Sampler is bolted to a spud attachment that is welded to the conveyor duct around a hole cut at the selected sample point and supported with a bracket.  This allows easy insertion and removal of the Snorkel Sampler for routine maintenance.

The user selectable measurement cycle allows for sample collection and measurement followed by an air purge blast to empty the sample cup.  The Snorkel Sampler also includes an adjustable delay cycle that holds the digital display, analog and digital outputs constant while the collection cup of the Snorkel Sampler refills for the next measurement cycle.


Snorkel Sampler Installed

NIR Snorkel Sampler Installed In-Line

AIMCAL Conference Charleston SC features PSC Paper Presentation


Aimcal logo

Aimcal logo

Process Sensors Corp. (PSC) will be an active participant and sponsor at the AIMCAL  Web Coating & Handling Conference 2013 Charleston, SC.  PSC will participate in Sunday and Monday Table Top Events and PowerPoint summaries.  PSC will also present a paper on Monday, October 28th in Aimcal’s Processing Technology section at 10:30.  The paper discusses “Controlling Re-Moisturizers to Reduce Edge Curl and Improve Web Flatness with Cross Direction Web Moisture Profile”.

AIMCAL Conference is October 27 – 30th in Charleston, SC.  Industry experts gather to discuss problems and solutions.  We hope to see you there!




Scanning frame

Guardian Web Profile System with MCT Series of Transmitters

MCT460 Features Advanced New Developments In Near IR Sensor Technology

NEW MCT460 NIR Sensor

MCT460 NIR Process Transmitter


MCT460 Offers New Features that Raise the Bar for NIR Transmitters

  • Processing electronics upgraded and optimized to improve sensor performance and flexibility.
  • New high performance microcontroller with dual core architecture.  One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition and a second core programmed to manage computations and communications options.
  • MCT460 samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy.
  • Direct USB connectivity port.
  • Embedded boot loader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded through USB or serial interface.
  • Filter wheel speed adjustable through software.
  • Improved PbS (lead sulfide) detector temperature control for enhanced stability in arduous environments.
  • Built in data logger for measured constituents and sensor diagnostics.
  • IP67 cast aluminum enclosure.
  • Large (5.7”) Operator Interface Touch Screen with bigger and brighter display.


MCT460 Transmitter and OI Photo

MCT460 Transmitter and Operator Interface

Pack Expo Las Vegas is a Winner!

Fountain Show Bellagio

Bellagio Fountain Show Las Vegas

Process Sensors Corp. (PSC) specializes in NIR transmitters for the measurement of moisture, coat weight, and film thickness in the packaging industry and moisture, oil, flavorings and degree of bake in the food industry. The MCT NIR transmitters are also used in mining, powder, and chemical industries.  Pack Expo offered an opportunity to exhibit our products!

The MCT360 NIR Transmitter is routinely used at the inlet and exit of dryers, re-moisturizers, flavoring drums and other unit operations.  The Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System incorporates the MCT360 with an automatic scanning frame and encoder to supply a zoned web profile for monitoring or control of paper, film, foil or metal webs.  The MCT330 is a stainless steel NIR gauge for high temperature, wash down or hazardous environments.  The MCT660 Bench Top Analyzer is designed for at-line or laboratory measurement to speed grab sample analysis.  Process Sensors also introduced the top of the line MCT460 series of NIR transmitters.

PSC also manufactures the RFM1000 for process moisture measurement in thicker packaging materials and whole nuts and beans and the RFM1000 BT for at-line and lab Radio Frequency measurements.  PSC IR Division markets a wide variety of Thermal Imaging and Temperature measurement systems for process and hand held applications.

Las Vegas Casino Mandalay



Booth setup pack expo

Pack Expo Booth Set-Up



International Tobacco Show Highlights Need for Moisture Control

Process Sensors Corp. Partners with Vision Teknik at the International Tobacco Show!


International tobacco show

International Tobacco Show 2013

Polyethylene Moisture in Plastic Strip/Fastener Manufacturing Critical in Winding and Binding Processes

PE Chemical Structure

Polyethylene ((C2H4)nH2) Plastic Resin

Plastic strips are fabricated in a continuous process into specific shapes based on application.  Generally any long, narrow, solid plastic shape is likely to be considered a strip.  Strips are found in new re-sealable applications every day from sandwich bags, chips, and many others.  Moisture control is critical prior to wind up because moisture impacts proper winding and binding characteristics to other materials at the end converter.  Improper moisture levels will cause expansion and contraction of the product roll which will then cause problems in the end user’s unit operations or unraveling.

A Near Infrared Moisture Transmitter is often complemented with a Thermal Imaging System to completely characterize the process.  The Near IR Moisture Transmitter communicates with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and outputs data history to an archiving PC.  The PLC controls strip moisture via an air blower.  Moisture ranges from 0.2 to 0.6% with targets usually around 0.4 to 0.5%.

Process Sensors MCT Series of Near IR Moisture Transmitters meet this need in the manufacturing of plastic strips.  Process Sensors IR Division features Thermal Imaging Systems.

PE Moistures

PE Lab vs. MCT Moisture


PE Moisture Control

PE Moisture Before and After Air Blower with Moisture Measurement and PLC Control


PE Sandwich Bag Strip

Zip Bag

PE pellets

Polyethylene Pellets

Happy Labor Day to All!

Memorial Day weekend celebration

Teflon PTFE Moisture Control is A Non-Sticky Application!


Teflon Fluorocarbon Chemical Make Up

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is better known as Teflon.  PTFE is a high molecular weight fluorocarbon compound that is hydrophobic and commonly used to provide a non-stick coating on cookware.  It has many other applications as a lubricant and coating.  Teflon PTFE is so slippery that it is even used as a coating that most insects can’t climb.  And as with many great discoveries it was discovered by accident while an engineer working for DuPont (Roy Plunkett, Kinetic Chemicals, 1938, DuPont and GM founded company) was looking to develop a better refrigerant.  Application development took only a few more years.

Teflon PTFE

Teflon PTFE Molecular Make Up


After polymerization in the reaction chamber and draining, the stringy Teflon PTFE is dried and pulverized into a flour like consistency.  Moisture measurement and control is critical at this stage in maintaining Teflon PTFE performance characteristics when applied to down the line applications such as fry pans and lubricants.  Process Sensors MCT Series of moisture transmitters provide immediate non-contacting moisture measurement and display, analog and digital outputs.

Teflon PTFE Moisture Graph Lab vs. MCT

Teflon PTFE Graph Lab vs. MCT Moisture

Teflon Moisture Chart

Teflon PTFE Lab vs. MCT Chart

Hot Melt Thickness Measurement On Film

Hot melt data

Lab vs. MCT Transmitter

Hot Melt measurements on film are typically measured with Near Infrared (NIR) transmitters that provide a digital display in engineering units, analog outputs and a digital interface.  The NIR non-contacting Hot Melt measurement is extremely accurate and stable with no regulatory requirements.  The measurement can be fixed point or scan across the web to provide a cross direction web profile.

The Guardian Web Profile System provides a Cross Direction profile on a large flat panel LCD in an economical and attractive enclosure. The Guardian is fully automated with recipes for web width, scan speed, zone average, and data logging digital outputs. This is a complete system to provide the highest value performance to cost ratio. The system can supply CD Web Profiles and MD Trends for hot melt thickness, moisture and temperature. Multiple measurements can be displayed on a single screen.  The MCT Series of NIR transmitters can also measure hot melt thickness on film in a fixed position.

Hot melt grab

Hot Melt Lab vs. MCT