Guardian Scanning Frame Parameters

The Guardian Scanning Frame System Parameters allows the operator to quickly view scanner and transmitter diagnostics.  Scanner diagnostics reveal automatic edge detection, current and average moisture or coat weight measurements and web position.

Scan Parameter Diagnostics

Easy to Understand Graphical and Numeric Diagnostics

MCT466-SF Ideal for Harsh Conditions in Snack Food Industry

MCT466-SF is Stable & Accurate

Designed and configured for the demanding heat and wash down conditions in the food and snack food manufacturing industries. The MCT466-SF is simple to install and can be used in different stages of processing from fryer outlet to packaging.

Typical applications include:

• Potato Chips                                   • Corn Chips                                       • Tortillas

• Cookies                                             • Crackers                                           • Breakfast Cereals

• Milk Powders                                 • Popcorn                                           • Oil Base Flavorings

snack food moisture and oil measurement

Stainless Steel Construction MCT466-SF for Moisture and Oil Measurements




Modeling Different Products for NIR Transmitters – Global Vs. Separate Product Calibration

Global vs. Local Modeling for Different Products with NIR Transmitters

Near IR transmitters can be calibrated with separate channels for each product or they can utilize a global calibration.  A Global calibration is easier to generate while separate calibrations for each product usually provides tighter standard errors.

Illustrated below are three different product results based on Global versus individual (local) product codes (calibrations) within a product family.  The application data is for the measurement of PSA coat weight in the range of 8 to 40 GSM (grams per square meter) on polyethylene (PE) film at 25, 35, and 55 mils thickness.  The chart and graphs below compare results of a local calibration for each coat weight measurement on film with various thickness versus the PSA measurement of all with a single global calibration and the impact it has on accuracy and standard error.

Film Thickness

MCT PSA Accuracy

Local Model (+/-) GSM

MCT PSA Accuracy Global Model (+/-) GSM

MCT PSA Standard Error Local Model (+/-) GSM

MCT PSA Standard Error Global Model (+/-) GSM



25 mils 0.1 0.3 0.05 0.05 0.99
35 mils 0.1 0.6 0.1 0.2 0.99
55 mils 0.1 0.4 0.1 0.4 0.98
All 1.0 0.43 0.99


Accuracy:  How close measurement is to target.  E.g. how close a dart is to the bull’s eye.  Accuracy is calculated from the Standard Deviation of Calibration Residual Values (difference between Lab and Calibrated MCT Values).

Precision:  How close the subsequent dart is to initial dart for same conditions (reproducibility/repeatability).

Standard Error:  Standard deviation of sample distribution for sample population mean or standard error of mean.  Think standard deviation and variable depending on sample population.

Standard Deviation:  How much variation from the average value.  Low SD indicates data points close to mean and high SD indicates values spread out over large range of values.

Correlation Coefficient:  Linear relationship between two variables, in this case Lab vs. MCT PSA mils thickness measurement.  All Correlation Coefficients (CC) are 0.99 which is close to perfect at 1.0.  Non-linear relationships can also be handled with NIR software technology, though not necessary in these applications.  Low CC indicates a low performance expectation.


PSA coating on PE

Universal Calibration Across Product Changes



NIR Transmitters Calibration Approach Comparison

NIR Calibrations for Single Products Vs. Global Calibration


Bioenergy Fuels & Products and PELICE Shows in Atlanta is Heating Up!

Process Sensors is showing our new MCT460-WP wood products moisture transmitter.  This winter’s cold has driven the need for wood pellets and other bioenergy fuels to new heights!


Process Sensors Booth at Bioenergy Show Atlanta 2014

Bioenergy Webinar Invites Process Sensors Participation


Integrated Biomass Supply Systems

Transitioning from the Bucket to the Barrel Educational Biofuels Webinar Series


As the title suggests the advanced biofuels industry will eventually move from the research and development phase to full scale commercial production of biofuels and byproducts using a variety of advanced biomass feedstocks approved by the EPA.

The purpose of these webinars is to educate the public on the current challenges, trends, and opportunities associated with the commercial scale production of advanced biofuels as the industry works towards complying with the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard.

Rich Harley of PSC will be participating in this Webinar on Friday, March 7 at 2 p.m.  These webinars are being hosted on the Webinar Portal for Bioenergy at The Webinar Portal provides webinar hosting of both live and archived webinar events for a variety of relevant webinars related to bioenergy, foresty, natural resources and conservation.

The webinars hosted on the Webinar Portal are free to view and many of the webinars (both the live events and the archived recordings) provide continuing education credits for qualified participants from various professional accrediting organizations and societies.

Visit the Boienergy Webinar Portal today or view Process Sensors MCT460-Wood Products Moisture Transmitter Brochure.


Bioenergy Fuels & Products and PELICE Shows in Atlanta

bio fuels show

Process Sensors Corp.


Approximately 40 speakers and 70 exhibitor companies will participate in the Bioenergy Fuels & Products Conference & Expo to be held Tuesday-Wednesday, March 18-19 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Ga. The event is expected to involve 500 industry professionals from the wood energy and fuels industries, including wood pellets, biomass power, biofuels, woody feedstock and harvesting.



We are pleased to announce that the fourth Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo (PELICE) will be held Thursday-Friday, March 20-21, 2014 in the Grand Ballroom North of the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The PELICE event again immediately follows the Bioenergy Fuels & Products Conference & Expo, which will be held March 18-19, also in the Grand Ballroom North of the Omni Hotel. Both events are supported by Panel World and Wood Bioenergy magazines, and Georgia Research Institute.

Process Sensors will be showcasing our new MCT460-WP at both shows!

SnaxPo Dallas March 1-4 Booth #1132

Big Things Are Happening Here


Process Sensors Corp. Booth 1132

When SNAXPO, the world’s largest, most comprehensive trade show devoted exclusively to the international snack food industry, convenes in Dallas, TX, you can expect big things to happen. SNAXPO 2014, a full equipment show, will offer exhibitors and attendees an excellent educational forum and many opportunities for networking and conducting business in an open and exciting marketplace.

Process Sensors will be showing their MCT466-SF process NIR transmitter and MCT466 QuikCheck for at-line and laboratory measurements.


New MCT466-QC QuikCheck Rugged At-Line and Lab Analyzer

MCT466-QC QuikCheck Proven, Reliable Performance

The MCT466-QC QuikCheck is a reliable and sturdy at-line, NIR Tester for use in harsh manufacturing environments. The MCT466 QuikCheck is routinely used to measure moisture in samples taken from the production line. However, other measurements can be made, including oils, protein, film thickness, coating weights, nicotine and sugars.

  • Bright Touch Screen LCD
  • Programmable Turntable automatically rotates
  • Rugged Polycarbonate Construction
  • Calibration Software included
  • Diagnostics available through LCD
  • USB for data download to memory stick
  • Serial output for printer or bar code reader

  • 200 on-board product codes



Click on MCT466-QC Cover Above to View Brochure

MCT460-T Tobacco Moisture Analyzer for Process Applications – New Features! View Brochure Now!

Accurate, Reliable and Stable Moisture Measurement for all

Tobacco Processing Applications


The MCT460-T is simple to install and may be used at any stage of tobacco processing, with all types of tobacco applications, including:

• Whole Leaf                                     • Whole Stems                                    • Cut Stems

• Lamina Strips                                • Cut Lamina                                       • Reconstituted

• CRS                                                     • Expanded                                         • Cigar Filler

• Chewing                                            • Finished Cigarette Tobacco      • Pipe Tobacco

• Cased Burley                                   • DIET                                                    • Snuf




Click on Brochure Cover Above to View MCT460-T Brochure

MCT460 Nova Series Near Infrared Transmitter – New Brochure

MCT460 Features & Improvements

• New micro controller, high performance, dual core architecture.

 One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition, the other programmed

 to manage computations and communications options

• Samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy

• Embedded bootloader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded

 through USB or serial interface

• Filter wheel speed adjustment through software

• Temperature controlled PbS detector for enhanced stability

• Built in cooling panel and Air Purge Assembly

• Ergonomically sound IP67 cast aluminum enclosure

New Near IR Transmitter

NEW MCT460 Brochure


Click Here to View New MCT460 Brochure