Moisture Barrier Coating Consumption in Food Packaging Manufacturing

Moisture barrier coatings are used to prevent moisture migration and preserve quality and shelf life of food products.

Many moisture barrier coatings are relatively thin in the order of 0.5 lbs/ream (per 3000 Ft²) or less.  These coatings can easily be measured with Near Infrared Transmitters on printed substrates to optimize the coating thickness and insure a uniform Cross Direction Web Profile.  Measurement data can be archived in roll reports that are time and date stamped for future reference in the event of customer complaints or other issues.  These reports can also be used to compare the performance of different shifts on production runs.

Coatings and adhesive need to be applied in sufficient amount to meet specifications.  Without a method to measure the deposition, many manufacturers apply more coating than needed resulting in a higher production cost.  Too little applied coating will not provide the needed barrier to prevent the migration of moisture that can result in spoilage and an adverse impact on taste, texture and shelf life.

Stopping the line to collect lab samples slows production and does not supply archiving capabilities for roll or production runs.  On-line continuous measurement of coating speeds start up, increases production and in-specification product.

The wet water based coated substrate typically passes through a dryer and then a re-moisturizer where a separate moisture measurement system supplies the output to control the moisture profile and minimize or eliminate lay flat and edge curl issues.

Plant managers are often concerned about coating consumption which impacts the profit margin on specific orders.  Coating calculations determine the amount needed for a specific product run and the cost of coating associated with that product run.  For instance, if a 40 inch wide web with a target of 1 wet lb per 1000 ft squared and an anilox volume of 14 BCM is being manufactured, both the weight in pounds and volume in gallons can be calculated.  If the web width for another version of the same product is increased to 80 inches, the consumption significantly increases but it is not a simple doubling of necessary coating as that is a function of increased area not simply web width.

Near Infrared technology employed on-line can calculate the continuous consumption to aid in monitoring the production run or roll consumption when incorporating other parameters.

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Tobacco Nicotine Measurement

Tobacco moisture measurement with Near IR technology is long established throughout the world as accurate and reliable.  Tobacco nicotine measurement on-line is of questionable value for a number of reasons.

GC, GC-MS, HPLC and HPLC-MS can all be used for tobacco nicotine determination in the laboratory.  Near IR full spectrum analyzers utilizing PLS or other suitable chemometric treatments can also be employed in the laboratory on ground samples.  The simplest and least expensive technique is GC.  The levels of detection in a laboratory are in the ppm range rather than the % range that may be obtained using filter photometer NIR equipment on-line.

The difficulty with on-line nicotine measurement is that nicotine is not distributed evenly throughout the plant.  The stem and the leaf and even within a single leaf contain significant variation in nicotine content.  So, if you have more stem or less stem in the sample that alone shifts the nicotine measurement.  Moisture equilibrates throughout the tobacco product, nicotine does not.

To indicate the accuracy of an on-line trend measurement of nicotine we need to determine the sample collection reproducibility and the sample analysis accuracy.  The best way to do this is with 3 sets (or more) of double blind samples analyzed by a certified laboratory for nicotine content.

This means that two separate grab samples from the measurement point need to be collected at three different times.  Hopefully the nicotine level is at a different level for each collection time.  Otherwise it will be necessary to collect additional samples to create a range of nicotine levels.

When the samples are sent to the lab, the lab does not know which samples were collected at the same time, they are “blind” to this information to avoid bias in the analysis.  The resulting data will determine how reliable the sample collection method is and the homogeneity of the samples collected.

Nicotine and related alkaloids/metabolites can be measured in the Near IR with chemometric treatments.  The wavelength selection is the not the limiting factor in the measurement, it is the nicotine stratification throughout the plant.  We believe that sample variation due to nicotine stratification makes a claim of absolute measurement on-line with photometers questionable at best.

Two papers of interest on nicotine variation within the tobacco plant can be viewed via hyperlinks below.

Distribution of tobacco constituents in tobacco leaf tissue. 1. Tobacco-specific nitrosamines, nitrate, nitrite, and alkaloids

Plant Physiology


MCT460 Powder and Bulk Solids Focus 100213

QuikCheck Snacking in Savannah

Process Sensors Corp. will be exhibiting the exciting QuikCheck At-Line and Laboratory Analyzer for Moisture and Oil/Fat measurements at SnaxPo in Savannah.  Rugged, accurate, easy to calibrate and easy to operate.  Quickly speeds up sample analysis turn around in the lab or at-line.  Reduces costs and speeds production of in-spec quality product.


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We will also exhibit our MCT466 Snack Foods Near IR Transmitter for Moisture and Oil/Fat Measurement On-Line.  Stainless Steel NIR Transmitter designed for wash down environments with digital communications, analog outputs, data logging and trending charts.  Product Temperature also available.


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Welcome to the 80th Annual SNAXPO Exhibition & Conference April 1 – 4, 2017

Savannah International Trade and Convention Center

See New Products and Services. Network. Learn.

The world’s largest, most comprehensive trade show devoted exclusively to the international snack food industry, will be in Savannah, Georgia, in 2017. Enjoy the history, the charm, and award winning culinary offerings, while networking with and learning from top and mid-level executives, as well as buyers and users from every segment of the industry. There will also be countless ways to build new business, generate quality leads, and promote your brand – especially as an exhibitor, sponsor or both. Whether you’re a small start-up or a multi-national corporation, with a strong presence at SNAXPO, customers will see you as a category leader committed to their success and dedicated to advancing the snack food industry.

  • Hear from expert speakers with key insights that will give you a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment.
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  • Discover new and innovative equipment, ingredients, products, and services available to grow and enhance your business.


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ICE Europe and ICE USA Feature Guardian

Process Sensors Corp. will be exhibiting our Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System at the International Converting Expositions in Munich & Orlando.  The Guardian features MCT Nova Series of Near IR Transmitters, Central Console for Multiple Cross Direction and Machine Direction Web Profiles, Web Temperature, Industrial Scanning Frames and Automatic Web Detection.  Software includes scanning speed, number of zones, zone and web average measurements, lane measurement and machine direction options, and data logging for customer archiving.  Ethernet, Ethernet IP, OPC Kepware, Modbus TCP and additional communication options for PLC, Networks and remote viewing.   Please visit with us to discuss your paper, film, foil or other application for moisture, coating, PSA or film thickness, residual moisture or solvent.  Or call us at 508.473-9901



ICE USA is the only dedicated event for the conversion of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and other flexible web-based materials in the Americas and our 2017 event marks the 4th edition of ICE USA. This premier event is where converting professionals gather to see first-hand the latest machinery, technology, and manufacturing solutions. Attendees from around the globe are looking to develop new business partnerships and come ready to network and learn from leaders in the converting industry.


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ICE Europe celebrates the 10th anniversary event from 21-23 March 2017: 86% of exhibition space already booked
The 10th anniversary event of the ICE Europe show will take place from 21-23 March 2017 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. The world’s leading exhibition for the conversion of flexible, web-based materials, such as paper, film, foil and nonwovens, targets industry professionals looking for innovative equipment and solutions within the converting sector.



Happy Friday Dragonfly

Took this dragonfly photo with a camera phone in the backyard…Happy Friday!


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Guardian Multi Frame Multi Display System for CD Profile

Guardian Multi Display Profiles 072916 USE


The Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System can display multiple web profiles from multiple frames.  The Guardian can also display machine direction trends of profiles by zone and temperature profiles.  The Guardian can measure moisture, residual moisture, coat weight, film thickness and other parameters of interest.  Please contact us today at 508.473-9901 to discuss your application.

England, Britain and the UK – What’s the difference?

Brexit has generated a lot interest in what are the differences between the country of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom.  The unattributed graphic below might help understanding the differences.

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Sam Adams – More Than Just a Beer . Happy 4th of July!

Samuel Adams is a sometimes controversial figure in history in no doubt impacted the Revolutionary War.  He was much more than a beer.  He supplied the fire and brimstone to keep the rebellion moving forward.

Happy 4th of July! 

Let Freedom Ring!


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Chopin Technologies Joins KPM Analytics Family with Process Sensors Corp. & Unity

Milford MA, June 30, 2016KPM Analytics announced today that it has acquired CHOPIN Technologies, based in France. CHOPIN is a world leader in providing quality testing solutions to the grain and flour markets. Throughout CHOPIN’s long history, the company has focused on solving difficult challenges faced each day by customers involved in grain and flour production.  The company’s more than 100 employees work from the headquarters in France as well as from subsidiaries in China and the United States.


KPM Analytics (formerly Statera Analytics) was formed last year with the acquisitions of Unity Scientific and Process Sensors. The company’s premium brands provide instrumentation solutions for many industries and markets, from food quality and safety to environmental and agriculture.


“The addition of CHOPIN Technologies to the KPM Analytics group of companies demonstrates KPM’s focus on strong brands that bring a unique, application-focused set of solutions to customers.  CHOPIN brings a particular strength in both the grain and flour production markets.  This deep, market-specific technical strength is a perfect complement to the offerings of KPM’s other portfolio companies, Unity Scientific and Process Sensors.  The combination of these 3 strong and well regarded brands positions KPM Analytics as a key provider in the global Food, Environmental, and Agricultural instrumentation markets.,” said Chris McIntire, CEO of KPM Analytics. “CHOPIN will continue to serve grain and flour customers as it has for decades, using the well regarded CHOPIN Technologies brand.” said Mr. McIntire.


“Joining the KPM Group is a great opportunity for CHOPIN Technologies,” says Marc Dolige, CHOPIN’s CEO, “Bringing effective and innovative solutions to our clients is and will remain our focus.”  Marc Dolige will continue as CEO after the acquisition as will the entire CHOPIN management team. “We are thrilled to be adding Marc and his team to the group and look forward to continued innovation, growth and success” says McIntire.


Read the press release on KPM Analytics. website here link


About CHOPIN Technologies

CHOPIN Technologies is specialized in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours, and their by-products. The company offers products and services to cereal industries needing to carry out analyses to satisfy operational requirements and current regulations and to meet customer specifications.  For more information, visit


About KPM Analytics

At KPM Analytics, we take great pride in what we do. Our premium brands provide instrumentation solutions for many industries and markets. From food quality and safety to environmental and agriculture, our customers turn to us for their advanced scientific instrumentation needs. Its market-leading brands include Unity Scientific, Inc. (Connecticut, USA), Process Sensors Corporation (MA, USA), and CHOPIN (France).  For more information, visit


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Reverse Roll Coating Measurement

Reverse Roll Coaters have a metering and applicator roll. Often there are 3 or 4 roll configurations.  Coating is applied through the gap between the metering and applicator roll where the nip pressure and gap control the specific coat weight.  The applicator roll runs in reverse direction of the web transferring the coating onto the web.  Reverse Roll Coaters are capable of producing highly polished surfaces and are more expensive than some other coaters such as slot-die that can’t always achieve that level of polishing.  If a Converter operates a Reverse Roll Coater a Cross Direction Web Profile System is a good investment to maintain uniform coat weight on high end products.  The Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System meets the application needs for film, foil and paper coat weight and moisture measurements on Reverse Roll and other coaters.

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