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Moisture in Paper Webs

Paper converting is important in preparing paper manufactured from wood pulp at mills to be converted to usable paper products from note paper to paper cups, tags, tapes, labels and more.  Paper is the most widely used wrapping, writing, printing and packaging material in the world.

Paper converters need to control moisture to maintain flatness and eliminate edge curl.  If the top and bottom of a paper sheet are at different moisture levels, the sides expand or contract when equilibrated causing curl.  The curl can cause malfunctions (jamming) in the subsequent printing, slitting and packaging unit operations that increases scrap and reduces efficiency.  Converting companies vying for the high-quality performance paper market focus on flat and level sheets.

Summary of Process


Paper can gain or lose moisture based on the surrounding humidity when in transit or storage.  Many converters measure the incoming paper stock prior to coating the paper, to ensure that the coating will be properly applied to the paper substrate.  If the paper moisture is too low, they will run it through a re-moisturizer.  Re-moisturizers can be roll, steam, disk, spray or another implementation technique.  Roll re-moisturizers can be optimized by adjusting applicator roll speed, gap and skew.  Steam re-moisturizers are adjusted by increasing the volume of steam applied to the paper.  Disk re-moisturizers can be adjusted by water volume or disk rotation speed.  Spray re-moisturizers are controlled by water volume or the number of micro-sprays applied per second.

Water Based Coatings

Converters employ different applicators for water based coatings dependent on their needs.  These applicators can be roll, spray, doctor blades, dip, air knives, and other techniques.  These coatings will have a fixed liquid/solids ratio depending on the product.  The wet end water based coating can be measured based on the moisture absorption in the Near Infrared region of the light spectrum.  This measurement will provide the amount of dry end coating deposited on the paper after the dryer in engineering units such a #/ream, GSM, mils or other.

Dryer Control

Dryers can be convection, radiant, infrared or other technique.  Paper moisture can be controlled by web speed through the dryer or dryer temperature.  Typically, web speed is the preferred method as dryer temperature control can be slower to react to system upsets.  Dryer cans are essentially steam heated cylinders where the temperature and contact time control the heat driving off moisture.


Quality Parameters and Measuring Points

Moisture Measurements:  Paper is cellulose based and hydroscopic.  Paper moisture is usually between 3 and 6% moisture in its finished state dependent on surrounding humidity.  NIR transmitters are useful at every unit operation of the converting process including incoming raw material, re-moisturizing stations, coating, drying and data archiving of finished product.

The MCT series of NIR stand-alone transmitters are usually mounted in the center of the web or in series on the left, right and center of the web.  This is of great value to the converter however it doesn’t cover the complete web and as such if a steam valve or disk rotation clogs or fails and it’s not in the path of the fixed transmitter, it will not be detected.  Similarly, if dirt or specks of coating attach to the roll in places where the web isn’t being monitored, streaking can result.

The Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System supplies a cross direction zoned web profile and machine direction trend for system operation.  The color-coded CD profile visually displays in-spec product as green zones, alerts in yellow and red alarms.  This is often connected to a color-coded Stack Light with annunciator to alert operator when product is in the alarm condition.  Machine Direction Trends allows troublesome zones to be diagnosed and corrected.

Value and Quality

Implementation of Near IR technology to measure moisture at unit operations speeds start up, increasing production, reduces scrap and allows for data archiving by roll or run.  Without an on-line measurement system, the line must be started up, sample collected for laboratory analysis, system optimized and started up again with another sample collected to confirm the optimization.  With an on-line system this process is stream lined resulting in greater efficiency.  The data archiving, whether from fixed or scanning transmitters via Ethernet communications protects against customer complaints and allows data histories to be associated with modifications to unit operations or work shifts.

Guardian Multi Display Profiles 072916 USE

Aimcal Corn Hole Tournament

Aimcal presents a Golf and Corn Hole Tournament each year for team building and networking.  The Golf Tournament is popular but participation is limited and participants usually only get to know those in their foursome.  The Corn Hole Tournament features 20-30 teams of two and a good sized enthusiastic audiance.  Gencoa (Sputtering Vacuum Solutions) sponsored this year’s Corn Hole Tournament.

Process Sensors was fortunate to partner with Gencoa’s Business and Technology Manager, Frank Papa.  Frank and I made it to the Quarterfinals before bowing to Toray Plastics in the Semi-Finals, the eventual runner up to Champion Adhesives Research!  A good time was had by All.  Congratulations to Adhesives Research of GlenRock PA.

Aimcal Corn Hole Champions Adhesives Research 101717Aimcal Corn Hole Contest 101717Aimcal Corn Hole Contest Frank and Greg 101717Aimcal Gencoa Corn Hole Sponsor 101717


Aimcal Conference

Aimcal Conference at Saddlebrook is a great networking and educational opportunity to learn new techniques, technologies and industry developments.  Process Sensors is a proud sponsor of this respected event!

Aimcal Pic 101617Aimcal Breakfast PSC Sponsor 101717Aimcal Breakfast PSC 101717Aimcal Team 101717Aimcal Saddlebrook 101517

Aimcal Conference

2017 AIMCAL R2R  Conference, Naples Gand Hotel, Naples, FL – Recently re-named the AIMCAL Roll to Roll Conference (R2R), this annual event has been a champion of roll to roll processing, and the converting industry for many years.  The name change was made to better reinforce the conference’s focus on roll to roll coating and finishing.  If you are a newcomer to this annual event, you will see why it consistently rates high as a valuable resource for anyone who has interest in the R2R process. The conference has steadily grown by delivering solid technical programming and valuable networking opportunities to attendees.

2017 AIMCAL R2R Conference and SPE FlexPackCon

UPDATE: Due to damage to the Naples Grande Hotel, the 2017 R2R Conference will be moved to Saddlebrook Resort and Spa in Tampa, FL.


The Web Coating and Handling Conference (WCHC) has been changed to the AIMCAL Roll 2 Roll Conference (R2R). 



Our Sympathies and Prayers for Victims and Families of the Vegas Tragedy

Process Sensors sends our sympathies and prayers to the victims of the Las Vegas shootings.  These senseless deaths have no place amongst us.

Pack Expo Las Vegas was a successful show for us and we are fortunate that it ended the later part of last week.  We had two PackExpo show contests to guess the moisture in a freshly owned package of cereal and the thickness of adhesive on tape.

Paul and I would like to personally thank you for stopping by our booth at Pack Expo Las Vegas. We enjoyed discussing your application with you and how our sensors may help you optimize your processes.

Join us in congratulating the winners of our GoPro contest, William Parkki of PowderPure and Sonal Rajyaguru of Wisoman Foods. Both winners were within .5% of the actual reading and received a GoPro Hero 5 Session!

We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to working with you. You will be contacted by the regional sales person for your area, but please feel free to contact us directly in the meantime.


Again, out thoughts and prayers to the victims and families of this senseless tragedy.

PackExpo Las Vegas

Press Release

Media Contacts

Greg Brown                                              Bonnie Woods

508.473-9901                                           774-462-6709

gbrown@processsensors.com               Bonnie.Woods@processsensors.com


Process Sensors Corporation to showcase their NIR moisture, coat weight and oil/fat measurement solutions at PackExpo USA 2017


Las Vegas, NV, (September 25, 2017)– Process Sensors Corporation (PSC), a KPM Analytics company, will showcase its Near Infrared (NIR) moisture and coat weight measurement solutions that optimize start-up, reduce costs and increase quality control in converting. PSC will also exhibit their Snack Food stainless steel process analyzer, QuikCheck bench top analyzer, and IR temperature and thermal imaging systems at PackExpo 2017 in Las Vegas, NV September 25-27, Booth # S-7465.


With decades of application expertise helping customers optimize their production processes, Process Sensors will be highlighting the Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System, with new data logging and archiving features. The Guardian System provides a complete web profile for moisture and coat weight, automatically detecting web edges and lanes across the web, improving web control and quality versus static NIR transmitters. The Guardian System can also identify out-of-spec product in jumbo rolls based on time and length position.


For process optimization, the Guardian System can measure coatings on the wet or dry end, or it can also be employed to measure dryer exit moisture and the re-moisturizing operation, providing ultimate flexibility. All systems feature analog outputs and digital communications such as Ethernet, Ethernet IP, OPC Kepware, Modbus, and DeviceNet.  Alarm alerts can be logged and mapped for jumbo rolls.


The MCT466-SF for process food moisture and oil/fat measurements is enclosed in a stainless-steel housing suitable for wash down environments. The at-line or laboratory QuikCheck provides fast sample turn around and reliable moisture and oil measurements, increasing production efficiency and quality. Process Sensors’ non-contact thermal imaging cameras and temperature sensors are also available for your process needs. Thermal Imaging and temperature measurement can be important in determining dryer/baking characteristics across the food web for biscuits, crackers and other products correlating to the dryer temperature gradient across the web.

Visitors to booth S-7465 will also have an opportunity to win a new GoPro Hero by guessing a sample coating thickness or food product moisture. Winners will be announced at 3:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.


PSC offers a complete range of moisture, coat weight, fat/oil, thermal imagining and temperature detection instrumentation for on-line, at-line, and laboratory applications. To learn more, visit www.processsensors.com.


Bellagio Las Vegas 092517




About Process Sensors Corporation (PSC)

PSC’s instrumentation provides accurate and reliable moisture and temperature measurement for quality control of manufacturing processes such as food, wood and paper products, tobacco as well as pharmaceuticals and plastics. An industry leading supplier of NIR and IR technology, PSC is in Milford, MA, USA with sales offices in Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA; Corby, UK; and Warsaw, Poland. To learn more, visit www.processsensors.com.



About KPM Analytics

The operating companies that make up KPM Analytics have come together because of their industry-leading application expertise in the food, agriculture and environmental sectors. Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation, CHOPIN Technologies and most recently AMS Alliance are all recognized for deep application knowledge and superior support. The companies now stand as a strategic group with a common passion for providing solutions and solving our customer’s most challenging problems. Through this united approach, our customers big and small will be better served with a broader, more robust scientific instrumentation offering supported by a global network. Visit www.kpmanalytics.comto learn more.



Calling All Pros!


Pack Expo Las Vegas!

Pack Expo – Free Registration 


PackExpo Header 072517


More than 2,000 top-tier suppliers of advanced packaging equipment, materials, containers, automation technologies and other supply chain innovators will exhibit at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2017.

Attendees include corporate, general, plant and project managers; engineers; production supervisors; those involved in operations and quality control; purchasers; package designers, brand managers and marketers; and logistics and supply chain management professionals from all vertical industries.

Process Sensors Corp. (Booth S-7465) will be featuring our Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System with Lane Adhesive Measurement, our MCT460 NIR Transmitter for Moisture, Hot Melt, Wet & Dry End Coat Weight and Web Temperature measurements.   Additionally, we will feature our QuickCheck Analyzer for At-Line & Lab measurements to speed sample analysis and our Thermal Imaging Systems.

Process Sensors offers Free PackExpo Registration by clicking on this PackExpo Registration link and entering Comp Code:  18K88

Please visit with us at Booth#:  S-7465



IFT Open in Las Vegas!

Press Release

Media Contacts Bob Schumann

Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation and Chopin Technologies to showcase
on-line, at-line, and lab
food processing and manufacturing solutions at IFT 2017

Las Vegas, NV, (June 26, 2017) – Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) and Chopin Technologies, all KPM Analytics companies, will present their advanced analyzer solutions for food manufacturers and processors at IFT 2017, booth 2414 in Las Vegas, NV June 26 – 28. Used for process and quality control applications in cereal, snack food, baked goods, mills and general food processing, the solutions can monitor and improve product quality, help maintain brand integrity, archive data, and reduce costs.

Unity Scientific will be demonstrating the Unity Food Analyzer, based on the new SpectraStar XT Near Infrared Analyzer. With the best performance in the industry, the XT is a robust, easy-to-use NIR analyzer for both laboratory and at-line environments, and includes the TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology to automatically align the instrument and keep it in peak operating condition.

The Food Analyzer produces accurate and reliable results in 30 seconds, measuring moisture, fat, protein, total sugar and other properties from samples at any stage of the process. The Unity Food Analyzer comes complete with calibrations and sample accessories specific for the customer’s application, providing turnkey operations.

Unity will also be presenting the new iCinac Analyzer, a unique solution on the market to meet ISO 26322 specification. The iCinac is a unique instrument that monitors the acidification activity of lactic fermentations, providing valuable insight into the properties of various dairy cultures and its impact on process development and final product quality. The iCinac features up to 96 simultaneous measurements, new ISM digital sensors and wireless options for the ultimate in testing flexibility.

Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) will feature the MCT466-SF, an on-line NIR analyzer for measuring moisture and fat or protein, with a stainless steel housing designed for the demanding environments of food processing facilities. The MCT466-SF is suitable for wash down conditions and can withstand ambient temperatures up to 80ºC. An optional stack alarm enables users to detect out-of-spec product and make immediate adjustments to reduce waste.

PSC will also demonstrate the MCT466-QuikCheck laboratory and at-line analyzer for immediate measurement of moisture and fat/oil in grab samples. The QuikCheck stores up to 100 unique product calibrations, offering users the ability to quickly test samples from multiple processing lines within minutes.

Chopin Technologies will be showcasing their Mixolab 2 analyzer, which determines the characteristics of dough – as well as the quality of starch and protein – during mixing. The Mixolab 2 provides millers and bakers with rapid information relating to starch quality and the conformity of flours, enabling consistent quality production. The Chopin Mixolab 2 is also ideal for the development of high-quality gluten-free products. Measuring the rheological behavior during mixing, baking, and proofing, the Mixolab 2 enables the selection of the best raw materials and ingredients to optimize wheat-based and gluten-free product production.

Visitors can also participate in the Calling All Pros competition to put their expertise to the test by guessing the sugar content in cereal or the moisture content in crackers. Whoever comes closest to the actual reading using PSC and Unity analyzers takes home a brand-new Go Pro Hero Session.

To learn more about the KPM Analytics companies visit www.unityscientific.com, www.processsensors.com, www.chopin.fr or www.kpmanalytics.com

About Unity Scientific
Unity Scientific is an industry-leading provider of premium analytical instrumentation used for quality control applications within production processes and laboratory environments. Unity’s expertise in near infrared (NIR) technology serves a wide range of end markets such as food & dairy, agriculture and environmental. Headquarters are in Milford, MA, USA with additional offices in Weiler Bei Bingen, Germany. To learn more, visit www.unityscientific.com.

About Process Sensors Corporation (PSC)
PSC is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation for accurate and reliable moisture and temperature measurement. PSC’s products are used around the world for quality control of manufacturing processes such as food, wood and paper products, tobacco as well as pharmaceuticals and plastics. With industry leading expertise in NIR and IR technology, PSC is located in Milford, MA, USA with sales offices in Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA, Corby, UK and Warsaw, Poland. To learn more, visit www.processsensors.com.

About CHOPIN Technologies
Headquartered in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France, the CHOPIN Technologies products focus on compositional and functional analysis in cereals, flours, and their derivatives. CHOPIN Technologies products provide exceptional results and are used across the globe to ensure operational specifications, regulatory compliance and quality standards are met. CHOPIN Technologies has additional offices in Kansas City, KS, USA and Beijing, China. For more information, visit www.chopin.fr.

About KPM Analytics
The operating companies that make up KPM Analytics have come together because of their industry-leading expertise in the food, agriculture, and environmental sectors. Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation and CHOPIN Technologies are recognized by their customers for deep application knowledge and superior support. The companies now stand as a strategic group with a common passion for providing solutions and solving our customer’s most challenging problems. Through this united approach, our customers, big and small, will be better served with a broader, more robust scientific instrumentation offering supported by a global network and application expertise. Visit www.kpmanalytics.com to learn more.


IFT Booth Pic 062717



3M Invitation Only Internal Trade Show a Success!

3M arranges a 3M Invitation Only Internal Trade Show to only the best key suppliers and innovative technologies to interact with their corporate Research & Development, Process Engineers and Quality Assurance Managers.

We measure moisture in raw materials, adhesive thickness, residual solvent, degree of reaction and for a wide variety products and various parameter proprietary applications. Process Sensors presented new digital communication interfaces for parallel Ethernet links (Ethernet/Ethernet IP, OPC Kepware and others) and automatic lane detection for 3M.  New data logging software for Guardian Cross Direction Web Profiling Software also was intruduced with the automatic lane detection.

We appreciate our co-operative relationship with 3M Corp. and we are grateful to be a valued supplier.

Please contact us at: 508.473-9901 to discuss your application!

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